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A site dedicated to genealogical research in the greater Utica, New York, region focused on the Imhoff and Pryor surnames.


Welcome! The information contained on this site has been collected over a period of thirteen years and represents a continuation of much of the research started by my great-great uncle, Ferdinand Frederick Imhoff (Fr. Maurice) and my uncle Joseph Daniel Pryor. Fr. Maurice’s interest in genealogy began during his tour in Germany during WWII and continued until his death in 1981. His work provided a solid foundation for which to start my research on the Imhoff surname. ¬†Similarly, my uncle Joe’s collection of documents, photos and genealogical data laid the groundwork for the Pryor surname. ¬†I am hopeful that their work will continue to grow and will be preserved for future generations.

There are essentially two areas of focus on this site. The first is the compilations of Genealogical information. This information can be accessed most directly through the Genealogy section of the menu at the top of the page and contains family trees, documents photos and a section labeled “Most Wanted” where I hope to connect distant relatives back into this branch of the family. The second section, accessed from the History Posts section of the menu, consists of various posts that are largely focused on ancestor research or on specific places and events.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, please note that I do input information and research into the database that is still in the process of being validated so, in some instances, there may be data which has not yet been sourced. In regards to privacy, it is my intent to ensure that only very limited information is displayed for my living relatives. If you have any concerns with any of the information, please contact me. Please also contact me if you have more current information or updates to suggest – your feedback is greatly welcomed and appreciated!