This web site was established in 2014 to house and preserve genealogical records pertaining to the Imhoff and Pryor families and their associated surnames.  The web site also serves to facilitate sharing of information between family members through posts and the contact pages. In the years the site has been operational I have had the good fortune of making connections with many family members throughout the world. It has been a rewarding experience, and the information gained from these interactions is invaluable.

The genealogical information is largely maintained in a database containing 1200 individuals and 338 surnames. This data is supported by over 1000 documents and photographs, many of which have been contributed by extended family members through this site. While I also maintain family trees on and for research purposes, this web site contains the most comprehensive record of my Imhoff and Pryor family branches.

Much of the information contained on this site is based on research inherited from my great-great uncle, Frederick Ferdinand Imhoff (Father Maurice) and my uncle Joseph Daniel Pryor. I am, grateful for all the research that they completed and handed down.

If you have any information related to the surnames listed within the site, please reach out to me; I am always interested in new information!



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