Boyd, Brian - Provided several contributions to the Links Page.

Dowden, James - Information related to the Dowden family

Dressel, Gregory - Descendant of Thomas Dressel

Handl, Margarete - Researcher in the Wurzburg Germany area. Excellent genealogist - contact me if you would like her information.

Imhoff, Richard J - Provided much of the information related to the Imhoff family 1860-1960

Imhoff, Ferdinand - Provided the foundation for the Imhoff genealogy

Imhoff, Carol - Information related to Peter Imhoff

Imhoff, Joseph - Descendant of Peter J. Imhoff

Imhoff (Doushram), Odelia - Information related to Peter Imhoff

Imhoff (Muller), Barbara - Information regarding Rose Landry and John Imhoff

Kaepler, Evelyn - Information related to the Pryors

Kelly, Brenda - Information related to the Kellys

Kimmel, Ellen - Contacted Richard Imhoff in 1997. No subsequent contact.

LaLonde, Margaret - Contact at St. Marys Church provided information related to the Pryors

Lavalle, David - Photographs of Rose Landry / John Imhoff and Evelyn Cahow / Walter Imhoff

Lavalle, Nancy - Photographs of Rose Landry / John Imhoff and Evelyn Cahow / Walter Imhoff

McGregor, Ian - Information related to the Imhoff family - descendant of Joseph Imhoff (descendant of John Imhoff and Rose Landry)

Niedbalski (Andrews), Robert - Provided information related to the descendants of Joseph Imhoff

Pryor, Joe - Joe provided the foundation for all of the Pryor and related family trees.

Pryor, Donald - Information related to the Thomas Pryor family (descendant of James Daniel Pryor).

Salvaggio, Mike - Information related to the Sheridan's

Stockhauser (La Buz) Imhoff, Corlis - Provider information related to Joseph T. La Buz

Stroup, Colleen - Information related to the Amrhein family

Unknown, Sue - St. Johns in Utica NY - researched Imhoffs in parish Archives

Unknown, Bette Jo - exchange re: multiple Imhoff family members

Unknown, Roberta - Information related to Cornelius and Edward Pryor

Wenzel, Gerhard - Parish priest in Wurzburg, Germany provided information related to contacts able to search parish archives for information related to Imhoff family

Zywiak, Maggie - St. Joseph / St. Patrick Church, Utica NY - copies of Birth/Death records from the church archives related to Imhoff family