Welcome! This site focuses on the genealogy of the Imhoff and Pryor families of greater Utica, New York. The Imhoff’s of Frammersbach, Bavaria, Germany and the Pryor family of Ireland were joined through the marriage of Anne Pryor and Richard Imhoff in November 1959. While subsequent generations share the heritage of these two families, in the not too distant past, their histories diverged to encompass many nationalities and cultures. While the focus may be on the ancestors of Anne and Richard, the ‘whole’ of these families is woven from the stories and experiences of thousands. It is nearly impossible to consider that a ‘family’ is of two names when, with each preceding generation, the number of surnames, minimally, doubles. This exponential growth of the family tree ensures an almost endless opportunity to discover new material.

There are two areas of focus on this site. The first is the genealogy section. Here, I hope to provide information regarding deceased ancestors to other interested individuals. The genealogy section is comprised of data (the ‘facts’), photographs, documents and, in some cases, audio and video. There are currently over 1000 photographs and documents on this site. I am hopeful putting this information on a public domain will result in new discoveries and connections being made. For example, within the Genealogy section there is a menu item for “Most Wanted”. In “Most Wanted” you will find 100+ photographs where all or many of the individuals in the photographs are not known. I am hopeful that a distant relative might have a copy of one of these photographs with names on the back!

The second piece of of this site is found within the Post section. The focus of these posts will be primarily on genealogy technology and methods but I will also utilize it to profile current research, ancestors and objects. I have found that the process of writing about an individual or an object is, in and of itself, a valuable method for new discovery. Going though data, letters and documents, with a focus on developing a narrative, often brings new facts to light.

Finally, throughout the site there are opportunities to connect. You can leave comments, make suggestions regarding data or just sign a guest book. I am hopeful that you find some useful information here.