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Pryor Family Reunions

The Pryor family settled in the Kirkland area of upstate New York in 1853. James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson came to America from Ireland and settled in the Kirkland area. James Pryor was born in Ireland on March 16, 1830. James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson had eight children, all born in the United States, between 1855 and 1877.

By 1919, 66 years after coming to the United States from Ireland, James Daniel Pryor is 89 years old. Margaret Robinson has been deceased for 21 years, having passed away in 1898, but Margaret and James Daniel’s descendants have prospered and have moved into many of the neighboring communities such as Newport, Middleville, Herkimer, New Hartford, Utica, Whitesboro, Sherill and Clinton.

The children of James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson were:

1. Thomas J. was born 27 Apr 1855; Died 15 Jul 1930
2. John was born 13 Aug 1856; Died 14 Mar 1904
3. William Christopher was born 27 Jul 1859, Died 15 Jun 1930
4. Margaret E. was born 04 Nov 1863, Died 13 Mar 1958
5. Edward Patrick was born 08 Sep 1870; Died 18 Oct 1871
6. Daniel Henry was born 20 Apr 1872, Died 15 Sep 1953
7. Emma was born 10 Apr 1876; Died 26 Nov 1877.
8. Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) was born 13 Oct 1877, Died 27 Dec 1950

In the Summer of 1919 the first Pryor Family reunion is held on August 17th at the home of Thomas Pryor and his wife, Harriet Crane. Thomas Pryor was the eldest son of James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson and in 1919 owned a farm on Pryor Road off the Seneca Turnpike in Kirkland NY. 80 guests attend this first reunion and, given the account provided to the newspaper, the weather was ‘inclement’ on this day. The guests were served dinner in the ‘dancing hall; and were entertained by a Victrola and vocal solos by Miss Veronica Pryor, a Violin and Cornet duet by Stanley and Mrs. Autenrith, Piano solos by Mrs. Lawrence Seavey and several vocal solos by Master Terence Autenrith. The Autenrith’s were related through the marriage of James Daniel Pryor’s sister, Mary Pryor, to Jacob Autenrith in 1860.

The next reunion covered in the local press is the 7th annual Pryor Family reunion reported in the Clinton Courier, Wednesday, August 12, 1925. The 7th Pryor Family reunion was held at the home of James Pryor, the youngest son of James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson. By this time, James Daniel Pryor is also deceased, having passed away four years previous on October 16th 1921 at the age of 91 years. The newspaper account indicates that there were 100 guests in attendance and that they came from Clinton, Utica, Kirkland, Sherrill, Newport, New Hartford, Norwich, Herkimer, Rome, Syracuse, Middleville, Whitesboro, Mohawk and New York City. Dinner was held on the lawn and the following officers were elected: President, Thomas Jones; vice-president, Mrs. Arthur Peterson: secretary, Miss Florence Caraher; secretary. Jacob Autenrith: and Miss Margaret E. Pryor, chairman of the flower committee. Three deaths and one birth were reported for the year. Rita Mary Sheridan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sheridan, received a prize as the youngest person present. Agreement was reached to hold the eighth reunion at the home of Mrs. John Pryor on College street n Clinton.

The eight Pryor reunion, despite plans to hold at the home of Mrs. John Pryor in Clinton was held instead at the “Pryor Athletic Fields” (thought to be located on Pryor road just off of the Seneca Turnpike near route 233) on Sunday, August 15th 1926. Articles about the reunion appeared in the Wednesday August 19th editions of the Clinton Courier and the Waterville Times.

Newspaper accounts indicate that about 100 individuals attended and the following were amongst the guest: Miss Margaret E. Pryor, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pryor and family, Clinton; William Pryor and Miss Theresa Pryor, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. John E Pryor and Family, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pryor, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pryor and Family, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pratt and family, Utica; Mrs. Martin Caraher and Family, Utica; Donald Dolan, New York; Neal Pryor, Whitesboro; Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dwyer and family, Utica; Mr. and Mrs. William Pryor, Kirkland; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Autenrith and family, Newport; Miss Catherine C. Connelly, Port Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and family, New Hartford; Mr. and Mrs. O’Toole and family, Utica; Mrs. Stanley O’Toole, Utica; Miss Anne O’Toole, Utica; James Pryor, Bridgeport Connecticut; Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kernan and family, Rome; Mr. and Mrs. William Autenrith and family, Middleville; Miss Amelia and Miss Minnie Autenrith, Middleville; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Remmer, Utica; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and Family, Utica; Miss Mattie and Miss Anna Pryor, Utica; Mr. and Mrs. John Sheridan and family, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Feeney, Utica.

The ninth annual Pryor Reunion was held again at the Pryor Family Athletic fields on Pryor road on Sunday, August 21st, 1927. An article from the Tuesday, August 23rd edition of the Utica Daily Press indicated that 100 individuals were present at the reunion.

The 10th annual Pryor reunion was held on Sunday August 19th, 1928 at the home of Daniel Pryor on Kirkland Hill. An account of the reunion was contained within the Wednesday, August 22nd 1928 edition of the Clinton Courier. The Clinton Courier article intend that approximately 80 individuals were present at the reunion and that attendees were present from Newport, Herkimer, Utica, Clinton, New Hartford, Kirkland, Rome and Syracuse.

The 11th annual Pryor reunion was held Sunday August 18th, 1928 at the home of Daniel Pryor on Kirkland Hill. A description of the event appeared in the August 22nd 1929 edition of the Clinton Courier. The article indicates that nearly 100 individuals attended and that “the weather was ideal and that tables were set up on the spacious lawn”. At noon, a “bountiful” dinner was served after which a meeting was called to order by the president, Edward O’Toole of Utica. The first order of business was to elect officials for the following year’s reunion. Officers chosen were: President, Edward O’Toole; Vice President, Thomas Jones of 1015 Churchill Avenue; Secretary, Mrs. A.N. Peterson of New Hartford; treasurer, Jacob Autenrith of Middleville. The present reunion’s entertainment committee was composed of Mr. and Mrs. William Pryor, Kirkland; Mr. and Mrs. John Sheridan, Clinton and Miss Florence and Harold Caraher, Utica. The sports program was in charge of Edward O’Tool, Thomas Jones and James Dwyer.

Prizes and awards were: Secret time race for women, Mrs. Julia Alien, Sauquoit; marshmallow race, Mrs. Daniel Pryor, Kirkland Hill; peanut race, Mrs. John E. Pryor, Clinton; time race for men, John Tooney, Utica; running race for men, William Pryor, Kirkland; little girls’ race, Rosemary O’Toole, Utica; little boys’ race, Lysle Pryor, Clinton; prize for youngest baby, little Ann Feeney, Utica.

Report was given of one death, two births and two weddings. Guests were present from New York City, Bridgeport, Conn., Newport, Middleville, Herkimer,Utica, Whitesboro, Clinton, New Hartford, Rome and Syracuse.

The next reunion was planned to be held in Newport and the following committee was elected to plan the 1930 reunion; in charge of the entertainment: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Autenrith, Mr. and Mrs. William Autenrith, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Autenrith. James Dwyer was re-elected to have charge of the sports. Members serving on the flower committee were also re-elected.

The 13th annual Pryor reunion was held at the home of Daniel Pryor on Sunday, August 16th 1931. A basket picnic was served. In the afternoon a meeting was called by the president, Daniel Pryor, and the following officers were elected: President, Daniel Pryor, Kirkland; vice president J. E. O’Toole, Utica; treasurer, J. B. Autenrith, Newport; secretary, Katherine L Jones Utica. Races were run and prizes were awarded to Maureen O’Toole, Mrs. Frank Pryor, Eunice Volmer, Harry Pryor. Donald Pryor and Francis Feeney. One death and one birth was reported during the year. It was voted to hold the reunion next year at the same place. Miss Mattie Pryor was appointed head of the flower committee and Mrs. James Dwyer has charge of the prizes.

The 14th annual Pryor reunion was held at the home of Daniel Pryor on Sunday, August 21st 1932. A luncheon was served at noon. In the afternoon a meeting was conducted and the follwjg officers were elected: President, James J. Dwyer, Utica; Vice President, Mary E. Pryor, Utica; Secretary, Kathryn Jones, Utica and Jacob Autenrith, Newport. Others elected were: Entertainment Committee: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Remmer and Mr. and Mrs. James Dwyer; Sports Committee: Edward O’Toole and Thomas Jones; Prize Committee: Mrs. Dwyer. Prizes were won by Stanley Autenrith, Mrs. Vincent Pryor, Rita Sheridan, Alice Volmer, Shirley Volmer, Harold Pryor and Harry Pryor.

The 16th annual reunion of the Pryor family was held at the home of Daniel Pryor in Kirkland Sunday afternoon, August 18th 1934. The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Daniel Pryor; vice president, Roy Caraher, Utica; secretary, Miss Kathryn L. Jones. Utica; treasurer, Jacob B. Autenrith, of Newport. The reunion of 1935 will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Autenrith, Newport.

The 18th annual Pryor reunion was held at Newport Grove on August 16th 1936. Two Utica’s were named officers – Roy Caraher as Vice President and Mrs. Kathryn L. Jones as secretary. Daniel Pryor, Kirkland, was named president, and Miss Margaret Pryor of Kirkland, historian: Jacob Autenrtth., Newport, treasurer. Plans were made to hold the 19th reunion at the home of Daniel Pryor in Kirkland on August 15th 1937.

The 20th Pryor reunion was held at the home of Daniel Pryor in Kirkland on Saturday August 27th 1938. Forty guests were present. The following officer were elected for the following years reunion: President, Daniel Pryor; Vice President, Thomas Jones; Treasurer, Jacob Autenrith; Secretary, Florence Caraher and Historian, Margaret Pryor. This was the last reunion cover by the local newspapers and I have found no evidence that reunions were held subsequent to 1938.

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    I am a descendant of John Sheridan and Mary Pryor Sheridan. Rita Sheridan Studley is my mother and she is alive and well at 93 in Rochester, NY.

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