Story from Elizabeth Capelonga, who’s great-great grandfather, Thomas was the brother of my great-great grandfather.  Our common ancestor would therefore be the father of Thomas and Luke Welch. The original Welch settler from Ireland, Thomas Welch, had a brother named Luke. Thomas Welch and his wife Jane had a son also named Luke. He was bornContinue Reading

After a number of years of contemplating whether or not I should have my DNA tested, I decided to pursue testing in an effort to break through some research barriers as well as try to connect to relatives in Germany and Ireland.  The reservations I had centered mostly on theContinue Reading

In 1915, John F. Imhoff purchased a Naphtha Launch named ‘Alice’ from a private party. The transaction appeared in the newspaper: “Hardcastle Brothers had sold their naphtha launch “Alice” to John Imhoff of 103 1/3 Erie Street, Utica”. Within a box of photographs I received from my father, Richard J.Continue Reading

The Imhoff’s arrived in Utica some time between 1840 and 1849. This date is approximate and is based on the fact that Caspar Imhoff, the first known Imhoff to arrive in the United States, signed naturalization documents in 1854. At the time the interval between arrival and naturalization eligibility wasContinue Reading

Last week I contacted the Main Post in Germany seeking to place an add to solicit individuals in the Frammersbach area to contact me if they had any information pertaining to Caspar Imhoff. Caspar emigrated from Germany in about 1840 and while I have evidence that he came from Frammersbach,Continue Reading

The Pryor family settled in the Kirkland area of upstate New York in 1853. James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson came to America from Ireland and settled in the Kirkland area. James Pryor was born in Ireland on March 16, 1830. James Daniel Pryor and Margaret Robinson had eight children,Continue Reading