Naphtha Launch


In 1915, John F. Imhoff purchased a Naphtha Launch named ‘Alice’ from a private party. The transaction appeared in the newspaper: “Hardcastle Brothers had sold their naphtha launch “Alice” to John Imhoff of 103 1/3 Erie Street, Utica”.

Within a box of photographs I received from my father, Richard J. Imhoff, I found a photograph that appears to show this launch dated June 26, 1915.  The Photograph indicates that it was taken at a location called Murphy’s Landing.

I found a reference to a Murphy’s Landing in the Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Works of the State of New York – 1903 and this reference indicates that is is on the Erie Canal between Rome and Utica. I have sent a copy of the picture to the Oneida County Historical Society and the have agreed to research its location.









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