DNA Results

After a number of years of contemplating whether or not I should have my DNA tested, I decided to pursue testing in an effort to break through some research barriers as well as try to connect to relatives in Germany and Ireland.  The reservations I had centered mostly on the lack of law governing the use of DNA once it has been acquired as well as the security of this data. A decent outline of the pros and cons of DNA testing for genealogical purposes can be found HERE if you are interested in this topic.

Ultimately, I decided the benefits of what I might learn from these results outweighed the risks and I had my DNA tested by MyHeritage.com and Ancestry.com.  Once I received the results, I additionally uploaded the raw DNA to myFTDNA.

The results I received were largely what I had anticipated, with one notable exception. Prior to the testing, I had assumed my genetic makeup would be largely Western European (German) and Western European (Irish). What was unexpected was how little German DNA I had and how much stronger the Western European DNA was.  In particular, I was surprised by the prevalence of English family connections.

Below are the heritage estimates of the three various services:

Results from Ancestry.com


Results from My Heritage.com


Results from myFTDNA

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